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DashBot is a cool and amazing dual drive robot that is compatible with Lego.
He is smarter, tougher, and even more incredible than CricketBot.

You can add extra RoboBloX to give DashBot extra skills and abilities.

DashBot Challenges



DashBot is a fast little Dual Drive robot. You can add extra RoboBloX to give DashBot extra skills and abilities.


  1. Materials Required

  2. RoboBloX Required

    Make sure you have completed all the RoboBlocks needed to build your DashBot
  3. DashBot
    Place two 2x10 bricks on the bottom of the PowerBlock in the middle
  4. DashBot
    Place two GoBlocks onto the new 2x10 bricks
  5. DashBotDashBot
    Try to loop the wires as shown
  6. DashBotDashBot
    Place two 2x10 bricks on top of the PowerBlock and GoBlocks
  7. DashBotDashBot
    Place the DriverBlock on the very back of the PowerBlock (the end with the USB connector)
    Plug both GoBlock cables into the DriverBlock
  8. DashBotDashBot
    Place the BrainBlock on the front of the PowerBlock
    Connect the DriverBlock to the BrainBlock with the DriverBlock cable
  9. DashBot
    Place the RollBlocks (wheels) onto the GoBlocks
  10. DashBotDashBot
    Stick the BatBlock onto the front of the PowerBlock
  11. GoBlock
    Double check that your DriverBlock cable is the right way around
    BEFORE you plug in your USB cable from the BrainBlock to the PowerBlock
    Remember to look for the silver marks you made on it
  12. DashBot
    Plug the USB cable into the BrainBlock and PowerBlock
  13. BottomDashBotSideTop
    You're Done! DashBot should look like this.



You are ready for the

DashBot Challenges!!



Suggested Pins

Most Blocks can be connected to any pin,
this just helps plan out the use of each pin.
This helps avoid moving all your wires when you add a new block

Pin Block Detail
0   USB RX
1   USB TX
2 BatBlock Echo
3 BatBlock Trig
4 DriverBlock Left Motor
5 DriverBlock Left Motor
6 DriverBlock Right Motor
7 DriverBlock Right Motor
8 FaceBlock CS
9 BeepBlock  
10 MemoryBlock CS
11 MemoryBlock MISO
12 FaceBlock DIN
13 FaceBlock CLK


Pin Block Use
A0 EyeBlock Left
A1 EyeBlock Right
A2 EarBlock  
A3 BlinkBlock  
A4 ButtonBlock I2C SDA
A5   I2C SCL
A6 LineBlock Left
A7 LineBlock Right

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