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Future Courses

We offer courses and workshops for:

  • Schools
  • Science Week
  • Home-school groups
  • Holiday Programs
  • Science Clubs
  • Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
  • Libraries

Our courses are offered in a flexible varity of styles:

  • Weekly Classes (See the Schedule)
  • Holiday Workshops (Half day, Full Day, Multiday)
  • From small to large groups (5 to 100+)
  • Full-term courses
  • Flexible schedules to suit any group
  • Courses for various age groups (4-17)



Xtreme Science Life Science (2020 Term 2)


Course Description
  • Time to learn how life works!  We will dive into Biology this term.
  • We will learn to use microscopes
  • You will see if you can make a cockroach leg move by applying electricity to it!
  • We might dissect a squid (including the ink sac)
  • You will learn how your digestive system works
  • We will look at cells, DNA, and so much more!

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Xtreme Science Fire Fight Bot II (2020 Term 2)


Course Description
  • Australia is suffering from one of the worst bushfire disasters in its history. 
  • Many animals have died, homes have been lost, and people have died fighting the fires. 
  • Robots can and do save lives! 
  • Robots can go places, and do things humans can’t do, or aren’t safe to do.
  • Students will use 3D printers and a laser cutter to manufacture the parts they need to build their own Fire Fighting Robot!
  • Students will finish the course by testing their robot against a real fire!
  • NOTE: This is a big project and will require 2 terms to complete it (This is Part 2 of 2)

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Xtreme Science Sound Science (2020 Term 3)


Course Description
  • Learn about the incredible physics of sound! 
  • Break glass with sound!
  • Fool your ears!
  • Make sound waves you can see!
  • And Much More….

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Xtreme Science Virtual Instrument (2020 Term 3)


Course Description
  • Build your own electric guitar or piano!
  • Learn how the touch screen on phones and tablets work, then make your own!
  • You will use a laser cutter to make the body of your piano or guitar, then add the touch sensors, and finally connect it all to an Arduino to bring it to life!

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Xtreme Science Space Science II (2020 Term 4)


Course Description
  • There is so much to Xplore with Science of Flight!
  • Air pressure, resistance, turbulence
  • The physics of wing design
  • Do experiments to discover the best propeller design
  • Make a jet engine!

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Xtreme Science Hologram Wand (2020 Term 4)


Course Description
  • Build a magic wand that you can wave around in the air to create a holographic message!
  • Human vision is slow, we continue to see things even after they have moved, this is how movies and videos work. 
  • It is called Persistence of Vision. 
  • You will take advantage of this and create a wand with multiple LEDs that turn on and off so fast,
    your eyes will think they see a message floating in the air!

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