Xtreme STEM

Computer Courses

We offer courses and workshops for:

  • Schools
  • Science Week
  • Home-school groups
  • Holiday Programs
  • Science Clubs
  • Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
  • Libraries

Our courses are offered in a flexible varity of styles:

  • Weekly Classes (See the Schedule)
  • Holiday Workshops (Half day, Full Day, Multiday)
  • From small to large groups (5 to 100+)
  • Full-term courses
  • Flexible schedules to suit any group
  • Courses for various age groups (4-17)



Graphic Design (Ages 10-17)

Paint 3DGraphic Design teaches students how to use computers and software to create and edit incredible art!

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3D Printing (Ages 6-17)

3D Printing

Join DashX's FunRobotiX to learn why 3D is the future!
Students will get to work hands-on with 3D printers to bring their own creations to life!

You will learn:

  • What 3D printing is
  • How a 3D printer works
  • How to deisgn 3D models (CAD)
  • How to print existing models
  • Types of plastic
  • What to look for if buying your own 3D printer
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MS Office (Ages 6-17)

Microsoft Office is an essential tool in today's world. It is used in school, university, and business. Skills learned in this course will give students an advantage in their academic and professional careers.

WordExcelPower Point

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Sound FX (Ages 7-15)

Learn how to create and edit your own sound effects and songs using professional sound editing software (Audacity)

Sound FX

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Digital Story Telling (Ages 7-15)

Learn to make an animated story (Powerpoint and other software)

Digital Story

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YouTube Star (Ages 8-15)

Become a YouTube Star*! 
Learn to film, edit, and post videos. 

Students will write (or choose) a short story/script, film it, edit it, add titles and special effects, and finally post it to YouTube!

Maybe you could then go on to be famous and make your own Science Channel!

*Fine print: YouTube fame and stardom not guaranteed with course ;)


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