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3D Printing

Join DashX's FunRobotiX to learn why 3D is the future!
Students will get to work hands-on with 3D printers to bring their own creations to life!

You will learn:

  • What 3D printing is
  • How a 3D printer works
  • How to deisgn 3D models (CAD)
  • How to print existing models
  • Types of plastic
  • What to look for if buying your own 3D printer

Students will have hands-on access to DashX's three 3D printers:

Creality Ender 3 Cocoon Create M3D Micro
Ender 3 Cocoon M3D



  1. Welcome to the Third Dimension - *Intro to 3D Printing*
  2. Your First Print - *Hands on with the Printer*
  3. Advanced Design - *3D Design Tutorial*
  4. 3D Scan Your Head! - *Photogrammetry*
  5. Advanced Printing - *Complex Prints*
  6. Make it Look Good - *Surface Finishing & Coloring*
  7. 3D Final Project - *Turn your Idea into Reality*
  8. 3D Final Project - *Finish it*

Lesson Details


Class Details


Class sizes of about 10-12.
See the Registration Page to see if there are available spots.


We offer Junior (6-11) and Senior (11-16) age classes.
Course is suitable for 6-17.


Lessons are 1.5 hour.


See the Registration Page


See the Registration Page


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Only $35/week!
8 Week Course

Pricing Weeks Price Total
Tuition 8 $30 $240
Materials 8 $5 $40
Term Total $280


10% Family Discount for families with 2+ kids

Payment Plan

Payment Due Date Total Due
#1 Start of Term $140
#2 Mid Term $140


Payments are split into two -
Half due at the start of the term, and the second half due mid-term.
Special payment arrangements can be made available upon request.

New students may wish to purchase an optional Starter Kit
We provide special pricing should you choose to purchase the kit.

Students will build and keep a number of RoboBloX each term.
The cost of the blocks and parts is covered by the material fees - no extra charges.

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Materials Needed

  • 3D Print (Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY) 3D Printer Provided
  • Laptop Laptop
  • Mouse Mouse (Optional, but highly recommended)
  • Laptop TinkerCAD (We will setup in class)
  • Pencil Pencil
  • Eraser Eraser (rubber)
  • Notebook Notebook (paper)
  • Ruler Ruler

Materials Details

Laptop Laptop - Mac or Windows or Linux - iPads won't work
Limited laptops will be available to borrow.
Nothing fancy is needed, any laptop new or even very old will work, as long as it has WiFi and the internet works on it.

Laptop TinkerCAD - TinkerCAD runs inside your web browser, so there is nothing to install.
We will sign-up for a TinkerCAD account in class.


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