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Course Description
  • Build a magic wand that you can wave around in the air to create a holographic message!
  • Human vision is slow, we continue to see things even after they have moved, this is how movies and videos work. 
  • It is called Persistence of Vision. 
  • You will take advantage of this and create a wand with multiple LEDs that turn on and off so fast,
    your eyes will think they see a message floating in the air!

Course Details

Girl in LabLocations
  • Junior class: ages 6 - 11
  • Senior class: ages 11 - 17
  • 8 Weeks
  • Junior: 1hr
  • Senior: 1.5hr
  • Each location and age group has a different class time
  • See the Registration Page for class times


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Robotics teaches

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)
all together in a synergetic combination.

It is like taking five classes in one!

Why Choose DashX?

Xtreme RobotiX is not your ordinary Robotics class – students will not just put existing robotic Lego or kits together, rather they will get a chance to Density Lablearn about robotics at a much deeper level by actually making each robotic part from scratch.

Students will keep everything they make!

Students will learn hands-on skills as they drill, glue, design, assemble, solder, and build their projects!

Xtreme RobotiX is different; students not only gain skills, they take pride in building their own project.

DashX provides challenging opportunities. Many students will struggle, and then find incredible joy and confidence as they overcome obstacles.

Children love to learn when it is done right!

Notes, videos, and links are online.
Students can catch-up or dive deeper at home if they miss a lesson or want to do more with it.
(See this term's Lesson Plans)


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Only $35/week!
8 Week Course

Pricing Weeks Price Total
Tuition 8 $30 $240
Materials 8 $5 $40
Term Total $280


10% Family Discount for families with 2+ kids

Payment Plan

Payment Due Date Total Due
#1 Start Term $140
#2 Mid Term $140


Payments are split into two -
Half due at the start of the term, and the second half due mid-term.
Special payment arrangements can be made available upon request.

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Materials Needed

  • Laptop Laptop
  • Pencil Pencil
  • Eraser Eraser (rubber)
  • Notebook Notebook (paper)
  • Ruler Ruler


Materials Details

Laptop Laptop - Mac or Windows - iPads won't work
Limited laptops will be available to borrow.
Nothing fancy is needed, any laptop new or even very old will work.

Students will build and keep a project each term.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can parents attend with students?
GateBotA: Absolutely! In-fact we encourage it.

Q: What if I don't have a laptop (or only have an iPad)?
A: There are laptops available to borrow during class (by prior arrangment)

Q: My child has trouble reading/writing will they still be able to participate?
A: Absolutely! We work with students of all ages and abilities. Parents can also attend to assist.

Q: What is my child loves technology, but has little or no experience?
A: We work with students at all ages and ability levels. No prior experience is required.

Q: What if I miss a week?
A: Class notes, videos, and links are all online.

Q: Where can I see more about past and present classes?
A: Check out Students and Parents Menus at the top of the page for:


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