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The best way to learn is by doing.
See how many challenges you can complete with your Edison:

One Meter Dash

RunnerThe Robot Olympics are here and your Edison wants to win gold!
Edison must race to the finish line as fast as he can.

Bonus: Make Edison Run backward


Cliff Hanger

C liffA young girl slipped over the edge of a cliff!
She is hanging on with just her fingers.
Edison must rescue her!
Get Edison as close to the edge of the cliff as you can with out going over!

Hint: Start Edison in the same place each time.  Get your timing perfect (no sensors needed).  Going a little slower might also make it easier.

Bonus: Back-up after reaching the edge.



DizzyEdison is tired of working and just wants to play.
Edison just wants to spin in circles

Bonus: Make Edison spin right then left



Cricket (U-Turn)

CricketEdison wants to be a star Cricket player.
Help Edison score 2 runs!  Teach him to run to the wicket, turn around and come back.
Note: Cricket players do not run backward!  Edison needs to turn around, not run backwards.

Bonus: Make Edison cheer (beep) at each wicket.


Sing to Me

Edison wants to audition for Robot Idol and needs to practice his singing. 
His favourite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, can you help him learn to sing it?

Twinkle Little Star


We will just do the first 7 notes (1Twin- 2kle, 3Twin- 4kle, 5lit- 6tle 7star)

1) Write down the name of each note (lower-case)

c c g g a a g


2) Choose the length of each note
Quater notes get a 3 Note
Half notes get a 6 Note

3) Put R1 (rest) between each note so they don't "blend" together (Optional)


  • Put R1 between each note so they don't "blend" together (Optional)
  • 16 Notes Max per Icon (R counts as a note too)
  • Note lengths can be 0-7. For most tunes 3 is good for quarter notes, and 6 for a half note.
  • lower-case letters are the normal (natural notes)
  • CAPITAL letters are for sharp notes (#)
  • Don't forget a "Wait Event" Icon (choose Event happens: Music -> Tune finished)



Add "How I wonder what you are" to the song
Choose a different song



puddleThere is a puddle in the middle of the road and Edison doesn't want to get wet.  Can you help him go around it and keep going?

Bonus: Help Edison go around on the other side of the puddle. (If you had him go around the right side, now have him go around the left side).


Crop Circles

Crop circleEdison wants to trick the humans.  He wants to make some crop circles and pretend aliens did it.
Help Edison make a small, medium, and large circle.

Hint: Use single drive

Bonus: Make a figure 8 shape.


Maze Runner

mazeEdison is feeling lost.  Can you help get through a simple maze? 
Draw or build a VERY simple maze (that only requires 2 turns to get out).

Bonus: Make a maze that needs 3 turns to get out.


Changing Lanes

carEdison wants to be a safe driver.  He needs to learn to indicate (signal) that he wants to change lanes.
Make Edison’s left LED blink.

Hint: You will need a loop. The Icon called “Flash LED” is named wrong.  It doesn’t flash the LED, it only turns it on or off.  You need to program Edison to make it flash.

Bonus: Make Edison’s right LED blink.


Police Car

Police CarEdison is ready to be a police officer.  Help him pull bad drivers over by blinking his LEDs quickly back and forth and beeping.

Bonus: Can you make him sound more like a siren?


Dancing with the Robots

Disco BallEdison wants to show off his best dance moves.

Invent a dance for him

  • Use movement
  • Blinking LEDs
  • Beeps and Music


Helicopter Take Off

HelicopterEdison is now a helicopter.  Use some Lego to give him helicopter blades.
Edison could take off at any time, so he needs to warn the humans so no one gets hurt by the blades when they start.
Edison needs to:

  • Beep 3 times (to warn everyone)
  • Wait 2 seconds
  • Start his blades going slowly for 2 seconds
  • Blades at medium speed for 2 seconds
  • Blades at full speed!  Take off! 
  • Time to land.
  • Turn the blades off after 10 seconds.

Bonus: Blink Edison’s LEDs each time he is about to change speed, and instead of stopping, have him slow down to medium, then slow, and finally off.


You're So Square

squareEdison is feeling artistic and would like to draw.  Help him draw a square.

Hint: Use a loop with 2 Dual Drive icons

Bonus: Try changing your program to make a triangle, hexagon (6 sides), or octagon (8 sides)


Clap On, Clap Off

clapEdison wants to try being an automatic light.  Help him learn how to turn both his LEDs on when you clap.

Bonus: Make Edison turn on when you clap, and then turn off when you clap again.  Add a loop so he keeps doing it.


Don't Cross the Line

Cross walkEdison needs to learn to stop before crossing a street.
Edison should drive forward until he finds the “edge of the road” (a black line) and then he should stop.

Hint: You need to turn-on Edison’s line tracker sensor at the start of your program.

Bonus: After Edison stops, he should wait 2 seconds (to look both ways), then he should cross the black road, and stop when he reaches the other side.


Ready, Set, Go!

Traffic LightEdison enjoys races.  So far he has always needed his coach to tell him when to start running.  He is now ready to run a race on his own.
Teach Edison to wait until he hears the “starting gun” (clap), then start running.

Hint: The “Event Wait” icon can be used for more than just waiting for an amount of time.  It can wait until “something” (an event) happens.

Bonus: Have Edison end the race (stop running) when he crosses the finish line (black line).


Alarm Bot

AlarmEdison has decided he wants a job as a security robot to guard your room.
Program Edison to beep when something moves in front of him.

Hint: You will need to turn on Edison’s Obstacle Detection at the start of your program.

Bonus: Make Edison beep when your door opens.  This is the opposite; the door is the obstacle, but Edison won’t beep until the obstacle is removed.


Look out for the wall!

WallEdison isn’t paying attention to where he is going.  Sometimes he walks into walls and it hurts.  Help Edison stop before he hits a wall. 

Hint: You will need to turn on Edison’s Obstacle Detection at the start of your program.

Bonus: Put your hand in front of Edison before starting your program.  Make him wait until you move your hand to start going.  Then still have him stop when he reaches a wall.


Scaredy Bot

CatEdison is afraid of us big humans.
Edison must back up a little each time your hand gets too close.

Hint: You will need to turn on Edison’s Obstacle Detection at the start of your program.  Also make sure you use a loop.

Bonus: Have Edison turn on his LEDs each time he backs away.


Follow Me

LeashEdison loves humans and wants to follow you anywhere you go.  Lead him using your hand.

Hint: Using obstacle detection you can tell if your hand is in the front, left, or right.  You will need 3 If icons.

Bonus: Try making Edison do the opposite; instead of follow you, you need to “push” him.  Have him move away from your hand depending where your hand is.



CageCan you trap poor Edison inside a black-line cage?    Edison will drive forward until he hits a black line, then turn around and keep going.
(This is the same as his Bounce in Borders barcode program). 

Hint: You will need to turn on Edison’s Line Detection at the start of your program.  Use a loop, and an “Event Wait” icon.

Bonus: Instead of turning around, can you make Edison go backward until he hits the line?  So he will bounce forward and backward.


Walk the Line

Edison likes lines.  He likes to follow them to see where they go.  Program Edison to follow a line.  (This is the same as his Line Tracker barcode program).

Hint: You will need to turn on Edison’s Line Detection at the start of your program.  Use a loop, and an “If Else” icon.

Bonus: Edison doesn’t actually follow the line; he follows the edge of the line.  Can you make him follow the opposite side of the line?


Poke Me

ButtonEdison is feeling lazy.  You need to give him a little poke to help him move.
Every time you press the triangle button he should move forward for 1 second.

Bonus:  Every time you press the round button he should move backward for 1 second.


Canyon Crossing (Lego)

CanyonEdison needs to recue another hiker.  This one is trapped on the other side of a canyon!
Use your Lego and some string to find a way to get Edison across the “canyon”.

Bonus: Have him detect that he has reached the other side and come back.


Sumo (2 Edison Mission)

Edison is ready to Sumo wrestle.  To win he must knock his opponent out of the ring.

Hint: Start with your Trapped program, then use obstacle detection to look for Edison’s opponent, then charge ahead full speed! 

Bonus: Can you become a sumo champion by adding some tricky moves?  Maybe some spins, pauses, multiple hits?  Improve the basic Sumo program.



cockroachCockroaches run away when they see light.  Edison thinks he is a cockroach, help him run when he sees a bright light.

Hint: You will need a new variable (+/- 32767), so you can use the “Sense Light” icon.  You will also need a loop to check your light brightness variable.

Bonus: Make Edison stop when it is dark, and go again when he see light again.


Sock Alarm

socksEdison loved being a guard robot.  He now wants to keep your socks safe.  Place Edison in your sock drawer.  Program Edison so he beeps forever when the drawer is opened and he detects light.

Hint: You will need a new variable (+/- 32767), so you can use the “Sense Light” icon.  You will also need a loop to check your light brightness variable.

Bonus: Make Edison sound more like a siren. 


Follow the Light

Edison likes pretty lights.  Help him drive toward the light.  This is the same as Edison’s barcode program: Follow the Light.

Hint: Add two variables (+/- 32767).  Use one for left light level, the other for right.  Subtract them, and use the result to decide which direction to turn.

Bonus: Instead of following the light make it so Edison will drive straight forward the whole time, but make it so he drives faster the brighter the light is.


Remote Edison (2 Edison Mission)

RemoteEdison has a new friend, his name is Edison too.  Help Edison play with his new friend.  Edison will wait until his friend tells him to run.

Hint: One Edison will use “Transmit Data”, the other will use “Event Wait”

Bonus: Have Edison tell his friend when he is done running, and have his friend beep and flash his LEDs to tell him he did a good job.


Shadow (2 Edison Mission)

ShadowEdison wants to see if his shadow really does follow him.  Program Edison to bounce inside the borders (same as Trapped), but now have him send a signal every time he detects the line.

Edison’s shadow will also be programed to bounce inside the borders, but will not be inside a “cage”.  Instead the shadow will bounce every time he receives a signal from Edison.

If done right Edison’s shadow should move and bounce just like him.

Bonus: Have Edison stop when he detects an obstacle.  Edison’s shadow should also stop at the same time.


3 Taps and You're Out

wrestleEdison is ready to wrestle! But he is not very good at it.  He just sits there.  But he does follow the rules, if he is tapped 3 times, he knows the match is over and he has lost.

Program Edison so he waits until he is tapped 3 times.  Then make him spin once, stop, then play a sad tune.

Hint: Tapping on Edison is the same as clapping.  Use the clap/sound sensor.  You will need to add a small delay (0.3s) after you detect a clap.  You will need a variable to count with.

Bonus: Add LEDs to help count the taps.  1 LED on = 1 tap, 2 LEDs on = 2 taps.


Count Me In

countEdison likes to count.  Give him some black lines to count (sort of like his barcode patterns).  Have him drive for 1 second across all your lines, and then have him flash and beep the total number he counted.

Hint: You will need to turn on Edison’s Line Detection at the start of your program. 

Bonus: Have Edison turn right after he reaches 10 lines.


Clap Driving

Edison is like a dog.  He will listen to your commands.  Make Edison drive forward when he detects a clap.

Bonus: Make Edison turn right when he detects two claps.


Point and Clap

HandShow Edison the way to go.  “Point” which way you want him to go.  Use his LEDs to help show which direction you have chosen.  Then clap or shout go! 

  • Pick a direction using obstacle detection (Forward, Left, or Right)
  • Show on the LEDs
  • Then clap to go

Bonus: If you clap again, make Edison keep going in the last chosen direction.


DJ Edison

DJEdison wants to be a DJ.  Program Edison so you can use your IR remote to pick from at least 3 different songs (tunes).

Hint: You will first need to use the IR Barcodes to setup your remote control with Edison.

Bonus: Make Edison do something with 1 or 2 more of the remote buttons (dance, flash LEDs, etc).


Add it up

NumbersEdison wants to practise addition.  Give him two numbers (using the TV remote), then ask him to add them.  He can give his answer by flashing his LEDs the right number of times.

Bonus: Help Edison with his times tables (multiplication).  Since the answers will be much bigger (as high as 9x9=81) have Edison answer by flashing his left LED for the first digit (number of tens), then flash his right LED for the second digit (number of ones).  Example: 4 x 9 = 36, Edison will flash his left 3 times, and then his right 6 times.


Lock Out

LockEdison is guarding top secret information.  The only way to unlock him is to enter the secret 2-digit password using the TV remote.

If you enter the correct PIN have Edison make a happy beep, otherwise have him make an unhappy beep.

Bonus: Make the secret more secure by using a 4 digit PIN, and make it easy to change by using 4 variables (one for each digit).


Moon Mine (1 or 2 Edison Mission) *

MoonEdison has been hired to help with a new mining project on the moon.  He must follow the line that leads into the mine.  When he reaches the wall at the end of the line, he should stop and communicate with the conveyor belt robot, asking him to load a moon rock onto him.  Once Edison has his moon rock he must follow the line out of the mine back to the rocket.  Now he must dump-off the rock.  He can spin or wiggle until it falls off.  He should then return for another rock.

The conveyor belt robot can be replaced with a human astronaut if you do not have an extra Edison.

Bonus: Add a fork in the mine shaft, so Edison has 2 paths he can take.  Have him alternate which one he takes each time he goes for a moon rock.


Dragon's Den *

DragonEdison wants to be a knight.  The princess has asked him to get-back her crown which was stolen by an evil dragon.
Sir Edison must drive up to the entrance of the cave (which has a nice black line outside of it, from things the dragon has burnt) and stop.  Then he must listen carefully for the dragon…  If he hears the dragon roar (or clap) he should immediately turn around and run away!
If he doesn’t hear anything for 5 seconds it means the dragon is asleep and it is safe to go in the cave.  Sir Edison needs to go slowly into the cave, find the princess’ crown, and then get out quick!

Hint: Don’t forget to add a small delay after Edison stops before you check for noise, otherwise he will detect his own motor noise.  You will want to use the Countdown timer to wait 5 seconds.  If you detect a noise you will want to set the timer to 0 to end the loop immediately.

Bonus: Give Sir Edison a black soot line from the cave entrance to the treasure.  Have him follow the line in.  Stop when he detects an obstacle, turn around, and follow the line back out.


Going Up? (Lego)

CraneEdison would like try being a crane.  Turn him in a Lego crane.  Then use him to pick up a block.

Hint: Use gears to increase the load Edison can raise.

Bonus: Use Edison’s ability to detect a strain on his motors to stop the crane once it has lifted the block all the way.


Put it over there (2 Edison Mission)

Crane TruckEdison is ready to start building.  Using 2 Edisons build a crane that can drive around.
Pick up a block with the Lego crane.  Move it, then put it down.

Hint: The Edisons will need to communicate with each other to work together.  Use the Transmit Data and Receive Data Icons.

Bonus: Have Edison find the block, before he picks it up, using obstacle detection.



Sky ScraperEdison is ready to start building.  Using 2 Edisons build a crane that can drive around. Build a 2-block-high tower using a Lego crane.

Pick up a block with the Lego crane.  Move it, then put it down. Return to get the next block, pick it up and place it on top of the last one.

Bonus: Build a 3-block-high tower.



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