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Xtreme ScienceRainbow in a Tube (Ages 6-18)

HydrogenOne of our most popular science workshops - everyone loves making these rainbows in a tube!

This amazing workshop shows how beautiful science can be.  Students learn about density so they can stack-up all the colors of the rainbow and prevent them from mixing.


The Rainbow in a Tube workshop is an engaging and interactive learning experience designed to introduce students to the concept of density through a hands-on experiment. The experiment involves creating a tube with six different colors of water, each with a different density (created by adding salt), and observing how they settle in the tube. Students will learn how to calculate density from mass and volume.


  • To introduce the concept of density to students and explain its importance in science and everyday life.
  • To provide students with a fun and engaging way to learn about scientific concepts through a hands-on experiment.
  • To teach students how to calculate density from mass and volume.
  • To encourage students to ask questions and think critically about the experiment and the scientific principles behind it.
  • To promote teamwork and collaboration among the students as they work together to create the tube and make observations about the density of the water.
  • To inspire students to pursue further learning and exploration in the field of science.


Upon completion of the science workshop, students will have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Developed a basic understanding of density and how it relates to mass and volume.
  • Acquired the ability to calculate density from mass and volume.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of how salt can be used to change the density of water.
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration skills through working together to create the density tube.
  • Enhanced critical thinking skills as they ask questions and make observations about the experiment.
  • Developed an appreciation for the fun and interactive nature of science, and a desire to further explore the subject.


Dates and Locations

No public classes are currently scheduled for this workshop.

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Group Bookings

Class Style Price
per student
Extended Workshop $25 1.5hr



Group Size: The show-style is suited to groups of 20 - 200 students.
The extended workshop has a maximum of 2 groups of 30 children, with 2 classes running back-to-back.
Length can be adjusted to suit group requirements

Minimum group booking of $700 required

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Workshop Details

Prerequisites: None. Introductory course – no prior experience or skills needed.
Materials Required: None.  All are provided.

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