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QAGTC SkittleBot 2018

DragonThe Queensland Association for Gifted & Talented Children

DashX will be teaching a Robotics class again this year at the QAGTC Conference!

2018 July 3 & 4

Skittles (By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29351725)
SkittleBot – Build, Program, and Bring-to-life your own Skittle Sorting robot!

Students will build and keep their own robot using LEDs, servos (motors), and an Arduino (microcontroller).

Payment and registration is done directly via QAGTC.

Hurry - this workshop always sells-out.

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This is not your ordinary Robotics class – students will not just put a kit together, rather they will get a chance to learn about robotics at a much deeper level by actually making each robotic part from scratch.

Students will keep everything they make!

Students will learn hands-on skills as they drill, solder, assemble, and program.

Students will learn problem-solving and coding skills as they bring their new robot to life.

Drag-and-Drop Programing


Students will learn to program their robot on their own laptop using a visual drag-and-drop programing language based on Scratch by MIT, called mBlock.

ArduinoNo prior experience required.


Code Block

Materials Needed

Laptop Laptop - Mac or Windows or Linux - iPads won't work
Limited laptops will be available to borrow by prior arrangement.
Nothing fancy is needed, any laptop new or even very old will work.

Laptop mBlock v3 - All students should download and install mBlock (version 3) before class.
Downloading and installing from here: mBlock v3 Download

Kit RoboBloX Dragon Kit - $10


Payment and registration is done directly via QAGTC.


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RoboBlox Kit - $10 (SPECIAL QAGTC PRICE)

Materials - $10/student (SPECIAL QAGTC PRICE)

BrainBlockStudents will receive, build and keep over $100 worth of equipment:

  • Skittle Sorter Robot
  • Drag-and-drop programming software (mBlock)
  • RoboBloX
    • BrainBlock - An Arduino microcontroller
    • RainbowBlock - An LED block able to display millions of colors
    • WiggleBlock - A motorized block that can turn back and forth 180°


RainbowBlock WiggleBlock

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