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Water - Fuel of the Future (Ages 6-16)

Could Water be the Fuel of the Future?

Find out as we turn ordinary water into Rocket Fuel!



Hydrogen Powered Rocket


  • Electrolysis
  • Combustion
  • Stoichiometry
  • Molecular bonding
  • Energy



Students will use electrolysis (electricity) to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. 
These plentiful and clean fuels-of-the-future produce only water when burned (oh yes, and a big BANG).


Dates and Locations

No public classes are currently scheduled for this workshop.

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Group Bookings

Class Style Price
per student
Extended Workshop $25 1.5hr



Group Size: The show-style is suited to groups of 20 - 200 students.
The extended workshop has a maximum of 2 groups of 30 children, with 2 classes running back-to-back.
Length can be adjusted to suit group requirements

Minimum group booking of $700 required

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Workshop Details

Prerequisites: None. Introductory course – no prior experience or skills needed.
Materials Required: None.  All are provided.

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