Xtreme STEM

ArtBots (Ages 4-15)

Make a wiggling robot that draws fancy circular patterns



Are you great at building things?  Want to build your first robot?  Take your creativity and crafting to the next level – ArtBots are half-craft, half-robot, all fun!

Build your first robot and bring him to life with a battery and a motor! 

Feel free to bring anything extra/unique that you want to use to decorate your ArtBot.

Kids will learn about the basics of electricity, batteries, and motors in a safe and fun way.  We start by learning about the concept of a circuit, and how electricity needs to flow in a loop.  Kids will get to work together as they snap together their first circuit using batteries, magnets, and lights.  We will look at and talk about some of the basic components (building blocks) used in electronics.  We will also have a look inside an electric motor to see how they work. 

Children will complete the workshop by assembling and testing their own ArtBot.  We will then have time for students to play and draw with their robot.  


Dates and Locations

No public classes are currently scheduled for this workshop.

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Group Bookings

Class Price
per student
Standard $20 1 - 2hr
Extended $50 3hr


The Extended version is a half-day workshop allowing students to go even deeper.

Group Size: This workshop is suited to groups of 20 - 200 students.
Larger groups will be split into smaller classes of approximately 15 - 20 children,
with classes running back-to-back. Length can be adjusted to suit group requirements

Minimum group booking of $700 required

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Workshop Details

Prerequisites: None. Introductory course – no prior experience or skills needed.
Materials Required: None.  All are provided.

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