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Laser Cutting

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Term 4 - 2019

Lasercut Sign & T-Shirt Logo

This term you will learn how to use a Laser Cutter to create some incredible projects!

Laser Cutting Laser Cutting


Everyone gets to MAKE and KEEP:

  1.  LED Edge-lit Sign / Name Tag
    Name Tags
  2. Custom T-shirt

You will learn about Graphic Design as you use CAD on your laptop to design your custom sign or name-tag. 
You will then bring it to life with LEDs!

Next, you will use your new laser cutting CAD design skills to design a custom T-shirt! 
Your custom logo will be cut on the laser cutter. 
You will use your laser-cut stencil to spray-paint your logo onto your own t-shirt.

This course is a great introduction to Graphic Design, CAD (Computer Aided Design), and CNC laser equipment.

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Course Details

Cost: $35/week
CMC Special Pricing: $25/week
Course Length: 5 weeks

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge required.

Laptops: To be provided by CMC (Students may bring thier own if they wish - no iPads)

Materials: Each student is to provide a new or used t-shirt.
All other materials are included.

Parents Must register with DashX (click the button below)

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Here is a checklist to help you get ready for your first day of class

  • $ Ensure your invoice is paid (email / text us immediately if you did not receive one)
  • Pack Check the Lesson Plan each week to see what you need to bring (see below)
  • Pencil Get required Materials (see below)
  • Laptop Download required Software / Apps (see below)
  • Clock Check what time your class starts - Schedule
  • Facebook Join theXtremeSTEM FaceBook Group (also turn on Notifications)
  • Excited Get Excited!


You need to bring the following materials to every class

  • Design Laptop PC or Mac (tablets will not work)
    CMC will provide laptops - Students may bring their own if they prefer
  • Laptop A mouse is highly recommended
  • Each student is to provide a new or used t-shirt.


We will be using the follwing programs / apps:

Lesson Legend

Mouse = Design Work (Graphic Design)

Build = Building & Assembling (Hands-on)

Weekly Lesson Plans

1) No Lesson

Week #

We do not have a Lesson this week.

Design 2) Name Tag Design - *Inkscape Skills*

Week #

Name tagConcepts

  • Basic Inkscape Interface Intro
  • Text Tool
  • Stroke and Fill
  • Cutting vs Engraving
  • Shapes
  • Combining paths
  • Object Order
  • Text Tool
  • Cutting vs Engraving
  • Units (mm, inches, pixels)

Bitmap vs Vector (credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Yug)Tutorials

  • Pictionary
  • Truck (Rectangle & Circles)
  • Easy as Pie (Circles Advanced)
  • Watermelon Slice
  • Love Heart (Combine)
  • An Apple a Day (Subtract)
  • Broken Heart (Subtract)




Inkscape credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Inkscape-Align.pngWhat to Bring

  • Laptop & Mouse


Design 3) Name Tag Design - *Inkscape Skills*

Week #

Name tag


We will use Inkscape to design a simple name tag we can cut on the laser cutter!



  • Fill (inside) - Normal Click on the "None X" color
  • Stroke (outline) - Shift Click on Red or Blue
  • Red = Cut
  • Blue = Engrave

Build 4) Name Tag Build - *Edge Lit Signs*

Week #

Name Tags


  • Edge Lighting
  • LEDs
  • Lithium Coin Batteries
  • Transmission & Diffusion of light

What to Bring

  • Laptop & Mouse


This week you will build the name tag you designed last week!
You will learn how to use LEDs to make it light up.


Pencil LED Name Tag Instructions

Design 5) T-shirt Design - *Laser Stencils*

Week #



  • Stencils
  • Weeding
  • Crisp vs bleeding edges
  • Page Size (300 x 190mm)
  • Layers
  • Kerf
  • Splines
  • ShirtNodes
  • Paths vs Objects


T-shirtWhat to Bring

  • Laptop & Mouse
  • A blank cotton T-shirt (used or new)



You will learn how to design a picture or logo to create a laser-cut stencil, which you will soon use to make a custom T-shirt!

Build 6) T-Shirt Painting - *Stencils*

Week #


  • Silk screening
  • Masking
  • Spray painting

What to Bring

  • A light coloured blank cotton T-shirt (used or new)
  • Old clothes (we may get messy)
  • OPTIONAL: Clothes Iron (extra irons will mean less waiting)
  • OPTIONAL: Fabric paint (Some paints will be provided, but you can bring any fancy paints you want)


You will get to use paints this week to create a custom T-shirt from the stencil you designed last week.

7) No Lesson

Week #

partyWe do not have a Lesson this week.

End of term party, and musical theatre intensive!

8) No Lesson

Week #

We do not have a Lesson this week.

9) No Lesson

Week #

We do not have a Lesson this week.

10) No Lesson

Week #


We do not have a Lesson this week.

Christmas Holidays - Merry Christmas




Next term's classes will begin in 2020 (dates TBA)

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